Cultra Manor Weddings

Cultra Manor nestled in the Holywood Hills, Co Down is a fantastic venue for a wedding…where else do you have access to a stunning Irish village scene.  I was very excited to capture Caroline & Rich’s wedding day at the Ulster Folk Museum.

Caroline & I have known each other since we were little kids and I had the pleasure of getting to know Rich more when I was visiting in Hong Kong in 2015 where they both work and live. It was lovely to be able to celebrate their wedding day with them back in Northern Ireland.  It may have been a cold winter’s day but they seemed to have brought the Hong Kong sun with them giving us some lovely light to work with at the Ulster Folk Museum.

The service was held at Glencraig Parish before heading to Cultra Manor for the reception. The guests had the ‘double decker red bus’ experience whilst Caroline & Rich travelled in a white Belfast Cab. The Folk Museum is a great venue for photographs.  We could have been out all afternoon if it wasn’t for the cold, but we did manage to stop by the ‘traditional Irish pub’ for a glass of bubbly on our way around the village.

Caroline & Rich were a pleasure to photograph; both so happy and relaxed, with very little drama may I add (if you know Caroline she loves a good drama! lol).  Mind you, they were happy for Cameoflage to create a drama during the meal with a singing chef and waitress!

Caroline wore a stunning dress from Cecilia Yau Couture (Hong Kong), with her make up & hair styled by the amazing Olivia Muldoon. Tim, from FloraEarth created the beautiful flowers whilst I had the pleasure of working with Ross & Mark from Soul & Rise.

Gerald and the guys from transported friends and family in their quirky Belfast White Cab & Red London bus.